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Seller & Buyer Tips

That Work For You!


Following a few Tips will not only help increase your Selling and Buying power, it will help you close the deal you’ve been waiting for a little faster.

  • Staging your property to sell BRINGS YOU MORE $$$$$$$$$.
  • List your house when it is ready!
  • Pick up all debris in yard?
  • Set aside a covered place for trash?
  • Put away all tools, toys etc.
  • Freshen up decks or fences with paint/ stain.
  • Leave house smelling fresh.
  • Clear counters of nick knacks & appliances. Remember we want the buyers to look at your property, not your things. Just have minimum showing.
  • Stage bedrooms with matching cover & pillow.  All else put away
  • Stage bathroom with towels.
  • Be as specific as you can be about all work done on property. Disclose everything.
  • Set aside any manuals you have on equipment or appliances for new buyers.


  • Being ready to buy now is important.  Why look if you are not prepared?
  • Choose an honest, professional broker who works with you to find what you are looking for. Your information is all confidential.
  • Contact a lender and get a Pre-Approval Letter for a Specific Amount, Bring Pre-approval letter with you.
  • Search only properties that are in your price range.
  • Know what kind of loan you qualify for. This will help your agent steer you in the right direction.
  • Work with your broker to know the area you are most interested in.

Staging Your Property Works!